You might have heard about woodcarving and thought that it might be a good hobby to take up. There are multiple types of wood carving styles and multiple reasons to start practicing this activity. Therefore, Total Tools Canada offers you a wide range of chisels that will serve you well when you decide to embrace your creativity with wood

Wood Carving

Various Types of Wood Carving

There are several types of woodcarving that use only hand-held carving tools. These include:

          Whittling, which is the easiest type of carving to practice. All you need is a carving knife and a block of wood or a piece of wood.

          Treen carving which uses a basic wood chisel set used to make household items from a single piece of wood.

          Lovespoon carving which serves to make symbols of love such as rings, doves, and hearts. This technique serves to make for decoration rather than practicality

          Relief carving which entails creating the art by cutting a layered picture into a flat piece of wood. So the depth of the carving reflects shadowing as well as the overall difficulty of the piece.

Reasons to Take up Wood Carving

Here are some reasons why woodcarving is great and thousands of people love it. First, it’s cheap and easy to learn: all you need are some tools and a creative spirit. Second, it’s relaxing and eco-friendly. So holding a chisel and a piece of wood in hand can be very therapeutic and doesn’t harm the environment. Third, it can result in gorgeous pieces which you can display in our home, present to others as gifts or sell off and make some profit.


Start Carving with Total Tools Canada

Our collection of tools includes many must-haves for wood carvers. Check our store for all your essentials and start embracing your creative side.