About Us



A proudly Canadian owned and operated company that imports high quality tools and hardware. We started as a small business in Ontario and our aim is to continue providing our clientele with high quality products and exceptional services all over Canada. Our customers are our top priority, we work hard towards building long-lasting and meaningful relations with them.

Our Company

OMC Tools and Hardware

OMC Tools and Hardware is an importer and distributor of Tools, Hardware, and Building Supplies.

OMC’s top priority is to supply it’s distributors with high quality contractor-grade products for very competitive pricing. 

OMC’s main advantages:

-Industrial and contractor-grade quality products

-Aggressive pricing that dealers are taking advantage of to raise their margins while maintaining a very competitive shelf pricing.

-Wide and extensive product range

-Special Marketing Tools(Displays, Flags, Advertising Goods, and more) and attractive product packaging

-Excellent Customer Service

-High Order Fulfillment Rate