AA and AAA Alkaline Batteries

Have you ever heard about AA and AAA Alkaline Batteries? For sure, you do not know the difference between each type. Therefore,  we will provide you with the best solution for this problem. In fact, alkaline batteries have different shapes, sizes, uses, and functions. The size of the AAA battery is smaller in comparison with the AA battery. In addition, AA batteries hold a high amount of mixture in comparison with AAA batteries. So, let’s remove your panic!  We will provide you with the best information about these batteries.

AA Alkaline Batteries

AA Alkaline batteries are the very common types of batteries. Also, they are available and sold in all places and are used with low- powered devices. For example, you can use AA Alkaline for flashlights, portable radios, alarm clocks, remote controls, and toys. Additionally, its capacity is about 2,500 mAh. Moreover, these batteries  are cheap, available anywhere, and convenient for plenty of devices. They are a day’s purchase!

AAA Alkaline Batteries

AAA Alkaline batteries get the highest rank among other batteries because they are long lasting and durable. In addition, AAA Alkaline batteries are smaller than AA alkaline batteries. Additionally, its capacity is about 500-600 mAh. You can use triple A batteries for thermometer, calculators, medical devices, etc.

Rechargeable AA Batteries

For sure, you always prefer to use batteries that are on sale! Here is your chance to buy the best rechargeable batteries. You can buy an AA battery as a bundle altogether with a charger. In other words, it is like 3 or 4 cells in 1! Moreover, you can use rechargeable AA Batteries for devices that need more than 2 batteries to operate. 

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