Welding is defined as a technique we use to fuse metals together. As a result, we produce utensils, jewelry, weapons, transportation, and much more. Whenever you are working on a project that involves steel, welding tools are a necessity. You cannot secure a steady structure without proper equipment. Here’s some good-to-know information on welding and our pick of tools for you.

welding tools

History of Welding 

The invention and technical development of welding is among the most important steps when it comes to metal fabrication. This is especially true now in our modern society. The origins of this practice go back thousands of years. It witnessed significant developments in different places around the world. During the Iron Age, Egyptians were the first to weld pieces of iron together.

Essential Welding Tools

We, at Total Tools Canada, offer you high quality tools to help you with all your projects. Welding requires electrodes that actually fuse metal together. So our copper electrode holders cater to different capacities. We also stock magnetic welding holders which will help you hold pieces in different directions together. This frees your hands to manage the work properly.


Welding Safety Tools

While necessary for many projects, welding can be dangerous. Make sure you use all the necessary safety equipment to avoid any injury. We suggest you keep your eyes shielded from the welding flare and your face from sparkles using our helmets. You also need to keep your hands safe. Consequently, don’t forget to wear some gloves that would shield you from getting burned or injured.


Buy High Quality Welding Tools

Many skilled laborers recognize Total Tools Canada for its sturdy and high quality products. We offer a wide range of tools, equipment, and gadgets you can use for heavy duty daily work or DIY projects. Visit our website to browse our collection and shop for what you need.