As the holidays come, you have time on your hands to do something useful. With a few repairs here and there you can make sure your house is in top shape. No matter what you need to fix, we are sure you can find your home repair tools at Total Tools Canada.

Home Repair

Types of Useful Home Repairs

There is always something to do around the house. Below are a few DIY projects you can do this winter to take care of your home.

Painting jobs

As time passes, the paint around the house might either lose its shine or chip here and there. Take a day this winter to touch up the paint and restore your home’s glory. If you look closely there’s a lot to do. You might need to re-paint your walls or ceiling, touch-up doors and banisters or even cabinets and closets. Check out our wide collection of painting tools.

Seal It All Up

With winter comes humidity, water and even ice. These elements can wreak havoc on the structure of your home especially wooden parts, window sills and more. Check out our adhesives to seal up all cracks and holes to keep your house well-insulated and safe.

Electric and Wood Work

Go through your electric appliances and components around the house. You will surely find a loose wire, a burned lamp, or a socket to fix. You might also need to take care of a table that has uneven legs, a squeaky chair or more. For this type of home repairs, we offer you a wide variety of tool boxes and pouches. They include all the essential tools you need to make sure you get the job done perfectly.

Successful Home Repair Projects

Make use of your free time this winter and ensure your house is in top shape. Browse our website and select all the tools you need.