One of the most convenient developments of human history is indoor plumbing. Now we can all use the bathroom for our various needs at a time of our convenience. Running cold and hot water; toilets, bidets, and washing tubs, it’s all there for us to use. However, every now and then, things break down. Here’s a list of tools needed for plumbing projects.

Tools Needed For Plumbing

List of Tools Needed for Plumbing

Pipe Cutter 

This tool is valuable to any plumber or a person who wants to take on a plumbing project. This cutter cuts most types of pipes to fit them according to your need. You will find it quite useful when cutting drain pipes, removing broken parts of a pipe before replacing it.

Adjustable pliers 

This tool is considered one of the plumber’s favorites because it simply replaces an entire set of pliers. The jaws are adjustable to grip and clamp nuts, bolts, pipes, fasteners of all types and sizes without the risk of slipping.

Adjustable Wrenches

Similar to the pliers, adjustable wrenches are suited to any type of pipe work. So if you have to choose one for your toolbox, we recommend you choose the wrench according to the size and type of pipe you will be working on.


Hacksaws are not only helpful for plumbing work. They are a universally helpful tool too. They fit in your hand easily and you can carry them anywhere. So a plumber would use them to swiftly cut plastic or metal pipes to a length of their choosing.


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