29 Pcs Stackable Household Tools Set, toolbox

Every person needs a reliable toolbox whether they are handy with home repairs or not. With the right tools at hand, you can take care of small issues yourself around your house. Numbers report that an increasing number of Canadians are renovating their homes to increase their market value. So it’s about time you invest in quality tools that meet your renovation needs.

What should your toolbox contain?

1- Screw driver set

Screws come in all shapes and sizes. For instance, a good handy person must have a full-set of screwdrivers to help in fixing everything around the house. We recommend you try our Go-Through Screwdriver Set which includes two industrial steel screwdrivers with a hex shank.

2Pcs Go-Through Screwdriver Set S2 industrial steel Hex shank 1pcs SL6.5*6*125 1pcs PH2*6*125 Packed by plastic hanger, must have in your toolbox

2- Pliers

Your box of tools is not complete without a plier or two. They are used firstly to tighten or loosen screws, bolts and nails; secondly, to strip, cut or twist wires; or thirdly in other jobs that require a strong hold. We stock a great 3-pack High Leverage Pliers which includes 8″/200mm high leverage combination pliers, 7″/180mm high leverage diagonal cutting pliers and 6″/160mm high leverage long nose pliers.

combination pliers, diagonal cutting pliers, long nose pliers Saving 30% strength than normal pliers Packed by PP hanger, every toolbox must contain pliers.

3- Toolbox-sized Hammer

Essential for every box, a hammer gives you the power you need to get things done. Available in many sizes, a hammer can help you drive in nails and even break down walls. Our 1.0 LB Claw Hammer is made of drop-forged carbon steel with heat treatment and a hardwood handle.

16Oz Claw hammer Wooden Handle, Weight: 16oz/450g, carbon steel Drop-forged Heat treatment.

4- Measuring tape

Accuracy is key in a successful home improvement project. So your box of tools must include a measuring tape to help you take the right measurements for a job well done. This is why we offer you our 5X25 Self Lock Steel Measuring Tape featuring a self-lock function, with metric and inch, double button and all rubber cover.

5X25 Self lock Steel measuring tape, self lock function With metric and inch Double button With all rubber cover Packed by label.

5- Safety equipment tools

Safety always comes first. When making home repairs, it is important to protect your eyes, face and hands. Consequently insulating tape, face masks, safety goggles and gloves are must-haves in any good toolbox. Total Tools stocks the 10 yards by 0.19mm black PVC Insulating Tape, trusted by many electricians.

In addition to that, we offer AC Voltage Detector with a range from 12V to 1000V (high sensitivity) and 48 to1000V (low sensitivity), a frequency of 50/60Hz, alarm mode, a white LED low battery indication, auto power off, a switchable battery cover and auto distinguish mode for the live line and neutral line.

10 YardsX0.19MM PVC Insulating tape.

AC Voltage Detector, Sound and light alarm Flash light : White LED Low battery indication Auto power off Switchable battery cover Auto distinguish the Live line and Netural line Packed by double blister

6- Blade knives

Blade knives have many uses around the house. If they are of high quality and used safely, they are a must-have in any toolbox. We offer a wide range of blade knives with different shapes and sizes to suit your need. Browse our snap off blade knives and choose the one that suits you best.

Snap-off blade knife, Blade Size:18mmx100mm With 3 pcs SK5 blades

Your go-to one stop shop for a toolbox

Total Tools provides high-quality tools that meet the need of the most professional worker as well as amateurs. Therefore, if you are starting a home improvement project or wish to have a good toolbox to use all the time, then we invite you to visit our shop or place your order online.