Thanksgiving Day in Canada is a national holiday celebrated on the second Monday of October since the year 1957. On this holiday people get the chance to show gratitude and give thanks for a good harvest and all the luck they enjoyed during the previous year. People across North America celebrate Thanksgiving differently. So here’s how the Canadians celebrate it.

Thanksgiving in Canada

Celebrating Thanksgiving in Canada

As it is an off-day, this makes the Thanksgiving weekend a long one. So many people use this three-day weekend to visit their families and friends or host them in their homes. Celebratory meals and banquets are also typical. Food is a big part of Thanksgiving in Canada. Meals include roasted turkey as well as product harvested during the autumn season, such as pumpkin, corn ears and pecan nuts. As in the United States, during Thanksgiving people enjoy football marathons.

The Origins of Thanksgiving

In fact, the first Canadian Thanksgiving might go back to a date that precedes the Pilgrims’ feast. The tradition of Thanksgiving in Canada has origins in the harvest festival. This festival was a celebration held in autumn and meant to give thanks for the generous crops the land has given them. Some believed it to be about thanking God for ensuring the safety of early explorers when they sailed into the New World.

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