Starting a DIY project or deciding to undertake some home improvement can be really fun. Some people even find it meditative to fix broken things themselves. Meanwhile, it can also help you save a few bucks on repairs and teach you some good skills that you can use throughout your life or pass on to your children. Regardless which project you decide to start, keep in mind safety first! It is reported that in Canada, 225,208 injury-related hospitalizations were recorded in 2018/2019.

safety first

Safety Equipment for the Hands

As working with tools mostly involves hands, a lot can go wrong in the blink of an eye. This is why you must always pay close attention to your fingers and hands at all times. Wearing gloves is certainly the most effective way to ensure you avoid cuts or bruises when working around the house. Check out our safety gloves collection.

Keep Your Eyes Shielded

Eyes are certainly very sensitive organs. They sustain harm easily, especially around projectiles. We recommend you keep them well-shielded especially when doing carpentry work to avoid any injury resulting from splinters. Eye protection is also useful when using power tools and drills. We offer a wide collection of safety goggles for your use.

Safety First for Your Chest and Back

Your chest and back are home to most of your vital organs. Any injury to this region can be very serious and even life threatening. Safety jackets are made from thick layers of protective material that ensures your safety during manual labor. Buy your safety jacket now.

Keep Your Ears Protected

Many equipment pieces and tools generate loud noise that might be too high for your eardrum to bear. Loud noises are the main reason why your hearing might be compromised or lost during manual labor. This is why we recommend you browse our collection of earmuffs and earplugs to ensure you observe safety first.

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