No matter which make and model of car you drive, there is a set of car tools that are necessary to ensure you can deal with small bumps along the road. From a flat tire, to maybe changing oil or tightening up a few screws and bolts; here’s a list of must-have tools in the trunk of your car.

Car tools

Necessary Car Tools to Fix Tires

Tires have a way of always ruining a nice road trip.  So getting a flat can be really annoying. It can delay your trip, get you wet from the rain or even ruin your clothes if you are dressed up. However, with the right tools at hand, you can easily change the flat with a spare and be on your merry way.

          Car Jack

To change a flat tire, you first need to lift your car onto a jack to easily access the tire.  We offer a high-performance range of hydraulic bottle jacks that cater to different car weights.  

          Tire Wrench

Next comes the part of removing the tire bolts to actually replace it. Consequently, our rapid cross wrench enjoys an ergonomic design that helps you loosen and release the bolts without exerting a lot of effort.

Tire Inflators

You might not need to replace your tire. You might also not want to do it yourself, if a service garage is nearby. All you need to do is make sure it remains inflated to reach the service station without harming the rims. Our set of tire inflators will help you get the job done.


Car Tools Pouches and Flashlights

It is also important to be ready for other types of emergencies and quick fixes. So this is why we recommend you keep a tool pouch which will include the essentials as well as a flashlight for better visibility during the night. Check out our collection of tool pouches and bags  and our various models of flashlights.