Are you confused about trimming and removing base borders? You can find a solution for any problem. When you want to trim and remove base borders, think of it like any other craft. Moreover, when you know the most fabulous tools, you will be amazed and surprised about their uses. Additionally, once you decide to remove and trim base borders, you will find the following amazing hand tools.

Remove and Trim Base Borders

Putty Knife and Pencil 

Putty Knife removes everything and eases your effort. Indeed, it helps you avoid damaging base borders. Also, its wide shape helps you pull the baseboard. You may be surprised! But, the pencil is very beneficial! It is used to make your marks on the walls and baseboards. In this case, you know the base border. Therefore, trimming home depot baseboards needs these hand tools. 

Removing Base Borders and Trim without Damage by Pliers

Pliers are hand tools that are used to handle hot metal in Bronze Age Europe. They are used to bend materials carefully. 

Removing Base Borders and Trim without Damage by Hammer

It is very important because they can help remove baseboards from the wall. In addition, hammers can assist in makeshift cases and for whopping away excess dry well. 

Removing Base Borders and Trim without Damage by Caulking Gun

Mostly, there is a gap between the baseboard and the wall. In addition, the gap is small or large depending on the straightness of the wall. So, the caulking gun can solve it. In addition, if you want to work with the basement, trim the basement border using this tool. 

Wrecking Bar

A wrecking bar is very strong and lasts for a long time. It is beneficial because it forms leverage for hard baseboards that cannot be removed easily. It is used to remove baseboards or other things such as door and window covering. 

Wrenches and Spirit Level Tool

What specialized wrenches are is that they are made up of “chromium- vanadium alloy.” They are hand tools that can trim a base border without damaging. Moreover, you can use the spirit level to detect if the surface of the border is vertical or horizontal. 

  Back Saw

Back Saws are sharp, so if you want to remove a base border use them. If you are excited to get one of these tools for baseboard trim, contact us at Total Canada