As the winter season draws near, it’s quintessential to get your home ready for winter and all the cold, the rain, the snow and the freeze that comes along with it. While it might not seem necessary, November is the perfect month to check a few things and fix a few others. Get your checklist ready and do not let the harsh weather take you by surprise, especially if you live in a cold part of the world.

Get Your Home Ready for Winter

A Few Steps to Get Your Home Ready for Winter

  1. Insulate exposed pipes

Water might freeze inside the exposed pipe which is a potential hazard. So we recommend you insulate all these pipes.

  1. Inspect overgrowing tree branches

Overgrowing branches over your house, garage, driveway, or power lines can break and cause irreparable damage. So if you see any suspicious branch, cut it to avoid trouble.

  1. Clean out the gutters

If your gutters are clogged with leaves or summer debris, take some time to clean them out. Consequently ensure nothing will block the flow of rainwater.

  1. Prevent locks from freezing

In a highly cold climate, you would need to spray a little powdered-graphite lubricant onto door locks so they don’t freeze.  

  1. Drain water out of your sprinklers

Just like your pipes, water in your sprinkles can also freeze and damage it. In preparation for winter, drain all the water.  

  1. Trim perennial plants

Asters, irises, and lilies shed their leaves in winter. So it’s useful to clip them two to three inches above the ground. Worry not, they will surface again in spring.

  1. Block windy drafts

Check your drafty windows and doors then make sure it is all well sealed to improve the efficiency of your heating system.

  1. Get your fireplace cleaned

Clean and inspect the chimney of your fireplace to ensure it’s clean and smoke will not be trapped in the house.  

  1. Check your furnace

As winter begins, make sure your house’s furnace or boiler is operating safely and efficiently. To keep such appliances running well, inspect the filter monthly.

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