Winter is coming! Anyone who have ever watched the sensational series Game of Thrones surely remembers this line. It’s very popular in the north. We think it should be popular in every northern nation. Though this season might be a cold one especially in northern areas; we are here to help you enjoy winter by the fire. Not just any fire, a wood fire so toasty it makes you forget the cold outside.

Winter by the Fire

The Everlasting Tradition of Winter by the Fire

Burning wood for heat is one of the practices that go back to the dawn of humanity. For thousands of years, humans have used wood at their first source of energy. So this kept them alive throughout the different trials they faced. Burning wood helped them cook their food, stay warm and develop new inventions. At times, fire scared off dangerous predators.

Fire and Modern Technology

As technological developments took place, innovators created many heat source that no longer rely on wood. These include electricity, solar and more. Nevertheless, a log burning in a warm hearth is still magical and captivating. From the sound of the wood crackling and the flames dancing and radiating; winter by the fire will never lose its charm.

Tools to Enjoy this Winter by the Fire

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