you There’s a lot of charm, colors, decorations, and warmth that come along with the Christmas season. Part of all of this charm is the lights that bring a glow to the entire decorations. So sometimes some of these strings of lights might break or malfunction. Total Tools Canada provides you with all the tools you need to fix Christmas lights.
Many are the locations where you can install strings of lights to feel the toasty warm Christmas spirit. Indoors, it can be on the staircases, chimney, tables, and of course on the Christmas tree. As for outdoors, you can light up the trees surrounding your house, the fences, and the porches or even line your entire roof.

Fix Christmas Lights

Tools You Need to Fix Christmas Lights

As Christmas lights are made of an electric wire connected to small lamps, most of the time these wires may break and require you to connect them again. Here are the tools that can come in handy. But, first and foremost, make sure you unplug the lights from the electric socket to avoid being shocked.

Wire Stripper

The first step to reconnect a broken wire is to strip it of its plastic coating to expose the metal. A wire stripper makes it easy to do the task without damaging the wire or cutting it further. Consequently, our multi-use 4 in 1 wire stripper is a great addition to your tool box as you can use it for other repairs.

Electric Tape

After stripping the wire you need to reconnect it again. Wind the wires securely and firmly then cover them with an insulating electric tape. So the tape will ensure they remain connected and insulated so no one gets shocked if they touch the wires.

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