Celebrate Labor Day

Every year, on the first Monday of September, workers all around Canada celebrate Labor Day. Labor Day has a great value in the heart of Canadians. It is believed to date back to the printer’s revolt in 1872 in Toronto. During that revolt, workers strived to limit the work week to 54 hours.

How do Canadians Celebrate Labor Day

While some associations organize Labor Day marches and picnics, most Canadians basically view Labor Day as the last long weekend of the summer. Families with young kids benefit from it to travel before school starts and the summer ends. As for teens and youngsters, they look at it as their last chance to plan a party prior to getting back to school.

Labor Day Celebration Ideas

Below are some ideas to make your labor day enjoyable this year.

  • Embrace nature: Many of today’s workers are stuck in a cubicle or in a closed space for long hours. So let this day be your chance to embrace nature. Plan a picnic, a hike, a relaxing day on a beach or lake.
  • Make it about family: Sometimes work keeps you away from your family and prevents you from spending time with them. Seize the opportunity this Labor Day and plan some bonding time with the family. For example, you can cook together, ride bikes, play board games…
  • Just relax: Why not celebrate Labor Day by simply doing nothing! We all deserve a day of pure laziness to recuperate and restore our energy. So this is your chance!

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