Now that students have gone back to school, parents are always trying to provide them with all the elements that would help them succeed in their academic journey. From books, to stationary and emotional support; returning to school can be an enjoyable and daunting experience at the same time.

In addition to all the material they need, children will probably need a desk to sit at when studying and doing their homework. Sometimes as parents, you want to be the one to build that desk with your own hands as a show of commitment and appreciation.

Back to School

Building your Back to School Desk

The material and tools needed to build a desk will depend on the complexity of the project and the end product. Nevertheless, the essentials are all the same. You’re probably going to need the wood boards, the various handheld tools. These include drill, hammer, nails, screws, pliers, measuring tape…) in addition to paint for a final touch.

Total Tools for a Successful Project

From our wide collection of high quality tools, we have picked for you a few essentials for a DIY project.

  • A measuring tape is a necessary tool to help you at first decide on the size of the desk and ensure it fits into its designated space. Second, it will serve you well when you are preparing to cut the wood
  • Drill bits are also important to help you drill the holes in the right size so the structure is sturdy.
  •  Carpenter Plier will be a life saver when the nails get stuck or you need to remove them.
  • No carpentry project can be done without a Hammer, it’s the essential of the essentials. So you need to have a high-quality one to complete your project.
  • Safety always comes first. So to protect your hands from splinters or any injuries during work, we recommend you buy a set of gloves.

Browse our shop and stock up on all you need, then embrace the carpenter in you.