Light on hand, efficient in work! Hand tools offer precision so that you can control them in your hand! In addition, when you decide to use hand tools, you will not worry about the breaking of mechanical parts. For example, if you want to do a DIY project, you need hand tools. Furthermore, cabinets and decorations wouldn’t be possible without these. Let’s dig deeply into the 8 essential Hand tools Canada.

Hand tools canada

Hand tools Canada: Hammers & Chisels

It’s hammer time! There are different types and sizes of hammers with striking surfaces and different hardness. For example, you can use hammers for carpentry, cabinet making, framing, assembling furniture, nail pulling and more. To add more, chisels can cut concrete, open up holes, and finish pieces by a sharpened edge. Indeed, you can use them to break up materials and remove shavings from wood, stone, or metal.

Hand tools Canada: Screwdrivers & Axes

You can insert and remove screws with screwdrivers that are available in various types. Indeed, you have to pay keen attention to the head of it and the opening you are working on when using a screwdriver. Furthermore, axes are ancient hand tools that can be used for chopping and splitting. For example, you can split and cut wood.

Rakes & Garden Shearer

Rakes have an L- shape! You can use rakes for gardening. Indeed, you can use them for scooping, scraping, gathering, or levelling materials. For example, you can use rakes to gather soil or leaves or cut grass and debris. Moreover, they have sharp teeth that allow you to remove weeds and dead plants. To add more, you can use the garden shearer to keep your garden looking amazing! To be more specific, you can use it to cut stems and branches of trees and clip the hedges of plants. 

Garden Forks & Pliers

You can use garden forks for heavy tasks. For example, you can use them to lift and loosen soil from the ground. Also, you can use pliers to bend and cut wires. Indeed, you can use pliers to grip something round like a pipe or rod.

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